By Emeka Aginam

To save the environment, the Chief Executive Officer of HoBeei,  a budding tech startup,  Mariam Eluma has urged the idle Nigerian youths to help save the environment by helping to clear up trash littering the streets across the nation.

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The TrashChallenge had started off as a challenge to  keep “idle youths” busy by helping to clean the environment, even s it has  turned into a global social media sensation.

The initiative aims to improve Freecycling and Upcycling in Nigeria, which is  at the center of driving the #TrashChallenge awareness across the country.

Mirriam who spoke at the recently concluded TrashChallenge contest told the audience that, “We are definitely going to do this again.

“This is one of the biggest concerns my organization tries to address, so we will have to continue engaging others in solving the problem as well. The rules of the next contest may be the same or slightly different. But we hope to make it bigger and spread more awareness.”

HoBeei’s company Mission and Vision statements , she explained summarily express the desire to improve our environment and livelihood through creative  and sustainable solutions, bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots, and positively improve savings and consumption.

She said that HoBeei encourages Nigerians to participate in their TrashChallengecontest and contribute in saving our cities from flooding while winning cash rewards.

In a bid to encourage people to take part and make the Trash challenge more interesting in Nigeria, HoBeei,   she explained added a fun twist to the trend by creating a contest where people who participate in the trash challenge stand a chance to win £100 in cash gifts weekly throughout April.

The aim of the contest was to get many people to participate so that places would be cleaned in time for the rainy season for the drainages to be clog-free enough and significantly reduce flooding.

Meanwhile, the winners had involved in clearing  some of the gutters around Wuse Market in Abuja,  the gutters at Agodi gate in Ibadan, among other areas across the nation.

Since 2016, HoBeei’s main waste management efforts has been to act as a middle man connecting people with their unwanted possessions to those who need them, while also transforming otherwise ‘useless’ waste materials into useful commodities that can be reused in different other ways